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About Me

Some things about me. Some are obvious and others not so obvious!

Maya Tremblay and parents

Yes, I love performing - singing, acting and dancing. Obviously! So, I'm going to tell you some things about me that you might not be able to guess. 

 Let's start with the basic bio stuff - I was born in the "DMV". For those in the know, that's DC, MD and VA. Yep, my dad was a navy captain civil engineer in the Engineering Corp - "SeaBees" (Construction Battalion - who built bridges in the war).  I earned a bachelor's from UVA with a double major in business and math. Maybe that's a bit obvious, since I have a very stereotypical "Tiger mom". LOL! But,  I've put it to some good use with a great career in finance and real estate.

As a child, I loved being musical and performing. During a trip to Kings Dominion, I surprised everyone by jumping out of my seat, and running on-stage when they asked for volunteers to hula-hoop. At 6, I was decent, but not good enough to win although I came away with a cute tee, consolation prize!  I did the usual stuff too; I sang in the church choir, played the piano, had myriad activities and interests. I finally focused on singing and gymnastics, became a soloist for weddings and funerals. And, I was an elite gymnast for about a second before I tore a couple ligaments and the meniscus in my knee.


 That's what I've done and where I've been, but to really know me; you need to know that I love my family. My family includes two poochons (allergies) Clarence and Pepper. My little loves! Plus, I love new experiences. For me, trying new things creates the punctuation in the story of my life. That comes in a variety of forms - meeting new people, trying different foods and cultures, visiting new places.


A few travels to note: I spent three months in China with the UVA study abroad program and gosh, I would love to go back.

I took a full month to explore both the mainland and Koh's of Thailand - the culture, the food, the sights, the sounds, the smells... all amazing, and I could have spent another 6 months without missing home in the slightest. There were so many different parts to that amazing country. Exploring temples, betting on nitty gritty Thai Kick-boxing fights, exploring underground markets for knock-off luxury goods, boating on the rivers, snorkeling with bio-luminescent plankton, learning traffic patterns while on a scooter - admittedly I crashed once, but everyone was super nice about it - wild-life preserve experiences with elephants, lions and tigers... the list goes on and on!  

I was lucky enough to spend a month in Brazil to watch the Olympic games and both the place and the events made memories of a lifetime. (Unfortunately, I couldn't get tickets to see Phelps.)

Being in Spain a short two weeks for a wedding in a gorgeous old castle was far too little time! Only one week in Madrid is not nearly enough. The Flamenco dancing, the Prado... I packed as much as I could into that week (including getting engaged!). If you haven't been, be careful driving in the old towns. We nearly got the rental car stuck between buildings of the small cobblestone streets in Grenada. YEP!

I've enjoyed a few weeks in Europe - Paris, London, Rome (during a public transit strike - yeah, that was a trying time) but still celebrated every moment. At least in retrospect. It was all a glorious adventure, even when I was sick in the tiny trash can of the drafty hostel or when the shower drain clogged, or when my sister started rationing water which earned me the nickname of "the camel". Hey, don't judge me; I just like to stay hydrated!

A few dinners to remember: I feel so blessed to have eaten at "L'Arpege" twice in Paris where I met the incredible chef (of Iron Chef fame) Alan Passard. Both his earlier meat menu and fully vegetarian menu were incredible and every bit deserving of his three Michelin stars. 

The high-roller treatment and (28? some insanely large number course) tasting menu at L'Atelier by Joel Robuchon in Vegas, left me stuffed, with a treat bag to-go and absolutely speechless. 

Gwen Butcher Shop in LA - bad date I must confess, but great food and great ambience. If you like to eat cows... this is the place, IMHO.

A few adventures to remember: Bungee jumping in Vegas, despite having a fear of heights. (I feel nauseated just remembering it!).

Canyoning down the mountains and waterfalls in Spain.

White water rafting in Thailand where a guy fell out, got trapped under the raft, hit his head on some rocks and it seemed like he nearly drowned.

Ziplining in Guatemala with my bestie. There were no waivers and seriously no protocols!

Every single cirque show I've seen. Most recently, "Mad Apple" which was incredible!

Art: I paint, use epoxy for countertops, art, jewelry and have interest in doing more of that as well. Can't say I'm an expert, but I have fun, and they're usually good enough.

I love what I do, that's why I do it. Contact me and let's collaborate. 


Career Highlights

Driven to Succeed


AEA production of "25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee"

Marcy Park-Lead

Attached to the UVA Dept. of Drama - this equity production was an incredible experience. I was blessed to show off some tumbling and more in the expansive role of Marcy Park. It was fun to explore child-like expressions on stage, which can be big. It was a first experience wrangling audience members which was also a unique one!

Hershey Park - Theme Park

Lead Singer of the Screamin' Mummies

Three, 30-min. shows a night with pop/rock vocals; more audience interaction and plenty of time to ham it up with the crowd. What a great time! The constant sweet smell in the air, the great "dorm" townhouse living provided, the talented people... it was an experience of a lifetime.



Six Gun Savior - Amazon Prime Feature Film


Released on Amazon Video, this was a saga to create. Due to budgeting issues and the loss of a star name; it was phased into several years of filming. It's a campy combination of horror, western and supernatural genres that make for a good time, especially if you watch it while high! LOL! I was so blessed to be able to ride horses and learn to be a better rider along with adding more film/stage combat to my reel/resume. Plus, I mostly spoke in a fictitious Navajo-based language, which was an adventure of its own. (That has crazy drama behind it! Feel free to ask me in person!) 

Wicked Attractions - ID Discovery Channel Series

Young Megan Knotek - Guest Star

I can't even watch the clips from this episode without crying. The story I was helping to "dramatically re-enact" was absolutely tragic. A woman was systematically abusing and killing the people in her immediate circle. It was an amazing experience. It was the first time I realized I can cry on cue and had a really well-run set and crew. 

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